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About us

About Us

Charites japan incorporated has been producing placenta extract for food and cosmetic products since 1996.

Fresh horse placenta is collected from specially selected suppliers in 3 different countries. The placenta is rapidly froze to preserve freshness and maintain maximum nutrient content. It is then shipped to the factory in japan to start the original process of extraction to produce the most nutrient rich product possible for food and cosmetic purposes.

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Finished products for food and cosmetics as well as horse placenta extract and freeze-dry raw material are also produced in the factory.

Considering the request from food and cosmetic products manufacturer, We have produced a variety of placenta extract products, We are also aiming to develop a valuable high quality product for our customers satisfaction. Aside from producing OEM placenta extract and raw material, We are researching the entry into new markets using original manufacturing techniques.

High-quality development.

Our company is continously performing a deep reseach to enhance our products and create the highest placenta extract quality. Currently, We are also expanding our production line of manufacturing equiptment to produce a wider variety of placenta extract products.

The advantage of producing the placenta raw materials from the factory to the market.

Our factory is well equipted and designed to develop a quick production of placenta extract products such as.. adjusting the protein concentration of the extract, changing the componet substance, selecting various pattern of ingredients, arranging the contents to smaller amount and so forth… We offer the convenience to produce a complete product from the starting production to finished goods. This way, our customers can save time, effort and recieve the best quality of placenta extract products.

For ODM and OEM customers.. we can propose a sample trial and customise the product to match your request and social market needs. this can be a start of an ideal side line income that can lead to a big business opportunity.