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Charites placenta extract

Charites placenta extract

The strength of Charites placenta extract

Charites Japan produces placenta extract of horse placenta by our unique technology. We think the protein content a vital point, so we measure and evaluate protein concentration in the placenta extract by the protein analyser.

And it is possible to provide placenta extract according to each order from high to low concentration.

protein analyzerprotein analyzer

The strength of Horse placenta extrmiact

Our placenta extract is from grazing edible horses. Those horses grow in the vast rich grassland and feed on native plants, so that their placentas have faint original and natural smells.

It is also characteristic that horse placenta is big and has high protein concentration in itself.

The kinds of Charites placenta extract

1. The liquid type

Our company provide some product standards for protein concentration from about 0.62g to 6.2g /100g. It is possible to choose placenta extract to meet requirements according to food or cosmetics productization.

2. The powder type

Freeze-dry Powder: It is made by quickly freezing placenta extract and drying it under reduced pressure. Placenta extract could change powder a hundred percent.

The production of Placenta extract

Charites Japan has researched into extract technology of Placenta for 18 years since 1996.

Our company focused on “PROTEIN” especially in various components of placenta. Protein is one of the essential nutrients for human beings. We human beings get protein from daily meals, and the protein resolves into amino acid in our body. It makes us improve our metabolism and health, therefore protein is an important component.

Our company approached on following two big problems:

  • How to abstract Placenta extract with that protein resolving into amino acid.
  • How to reduce that unique smell of Placenta.

As a result of longtime trial and error (e.g., improving Hydrolysis equipment and the water quality or changing extraction method sharply), we finally accomplished our unique manufacturing technology to extract.

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