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Company Profile

Company Profile

Corporate information:

Company Profile
Company name Charites Japan Inc.
Representative Director Eri Takemiya
Founded in October 1996
Established in January 2009
Main Banks Main Banks: Mizuho bank Honjyo Branch, Resona bank Honjyo Branch
Capital stock 98 million yen
Head Office
1-28-13 Suneoricho Tsurugashimashi Saitamaken 350-0234,Japan
Phone number +81-49-281-8676
Fax number +81-49-281-8050
Production and research bases
4-8 Midoricho Sakadoshi Saitamaken 350-0234,Japan
The license number for manufacturer of cosmetics 11CZ200183
The license number for manufacturing and distribution of cosmetics 13COX10528
The patent application number: 2015-33364(Production method of placenta extract)

Message from the President

Our company is raw material manufacturer which has produced placenta material for 17 years.
It is said that placenta is used preferably by such historical characters as Cleopatra and Marie-Antoinette.
We have striven to research and develop placenta production to make the best use of the placenta power.
Please feel free to come our factory once if you look for materials and products of placenta! We are convinced that you get to cultivate a better understanding and interest in our placenta power.
We, all employees extend our heartfelt wait to you.

Eri Takemiya

Representative Director

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Company History

Company Profile
1996 Charites Japan Inc. was founded as a esthetic company
1997 Started to develop materials of peeling for esthetic operation
Also we focused on PLACENTA as skin care after peeling, then began to research on it for product development of placenta
1998 Got the license for manufacturer of cosmetics.
2008 Started to develop ozonized oil for a new product development equal to placenta extract.
2009 Got the license for manufacturing and distribution of cosmetics.
2010 Completed ozonized oil, and started to establish the method of manufacture and the system firmly.
2011 Published Charites JP Placenta series which is own bland. As the first product, we released “THE・CREAM90” composed of mainly high-concentrated horse placenta.
2013 Completed high-pressure processing machine by in-house development
Production and research bases 4-8 Midori-cho,Sakado city,Saitama Prefecture 350-0234,Japan

Business Activities

Manufacturing and selling original cosmetic products and food products.

Manufacturing and selling raw material for cosmetics and food.

Order production of private blind or OEM such as cosmetics and supplements made from the materials of placenta.

The origin of our company name

May The Three Graces “Charites” bless all women!

“Charites” are goddesses in Greek mythology.

They have each grace.

Euphrosyne is the goddess of Mirth

Thaleia is the goddess of festivity and rich banquets

Aglaia is the goddess of Splendor

They are known as “The Three Grace”, and Tradition says that they were so beautiful young women.

May those goddesses bless all women with beauty!

We named our company Charites in the hope that we could make worthy products to help such a blessing.