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Material supply

Material Supply

Placenta extract as raw material supply

Charites Japan provides horse placenta extract made in the captive factory.

The kinds of Placenta extract materials

There are two kinds for food or cosmetic. And we can provide both types, liquid and powder.

The liquid type of Placenta extract

KOUNE Oil and Placenta extract
placenta extract of 4 kinds
Placenta extract of 4 kinds
Product features

Our products has few smell peculiar to placenta by our unique manufacturing technology. And you can choose from some product standards for protein concentration from about 0.62g to 6.2g /100g depending on the purpose. There are for food and for cosmetics.

protein concentration
About the rage of the protein concentration (liquid)

The Freeze-dry powder type of Placenta extract

The base powder is derived from 100% placenta extract. We can control the mixing proportion with Dextrin depending on the requested concentration of protein.

Product features

This can be used for capsule, tablet and additives of secondary products.

Freeze dry Powder
freeze-dry(FD) powder

The supply performance of Placenta extract

Charites Japan produces actual results that supply 10 tons of placenta extract in a month on an average.