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Our equipment and facilities to process products

Our Equipment and facilities to process products

Charites Japan provides not only the placenta extract made in captive factory but also finished products for food or cosmetic made from the extract. The processing equipment in our factory are as follows;

Clean bench

The equipment is used during filling up Placenta extract.
This is aseptic filling system to prevent contamination.

Clean Bench
Clean Bench

The equipment for powdering Placenta extract.

They are used for processing “Freeze-dry”. Our company adopts Freeze-dry processing that dries the objects in the quick-freezing of -30℃ under decompression.

vacuum conveying machine
vacuum conveying machine
tray for vacuum processing
tray for vacuum processing
heating sterilization apparatusHeating Sterilization Apparatus

The equipment of filling and powdering for food.

mixing sterilizerPowder Mixing Machine
Handpower capsuleHand-operated Capsule Filler
Powder mix.jpgPowder Mix Machine
Hard CapsuleAutomatic capsule filler

The equipment of filling and powdering for cosmetics.

Vacuum EmulsifyVacuum Emulsifier
Filling ChamberFilling Chamber
Heating Sterilization ApparatusHeating Sterilization Apparatus
Shrinking ApparatusShrinking Apparatus
Label Processing Machine 1Label Processing Machine 1
Label Processing Machine 2Label Processing Machine 2