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Research, development and Quality control

Research,Development and Quality Control

There are a Research & Development laboratory and a quality control room in Charites Japan’s factory.
In the rooms we not only research into the production of much higher quality Placenta extract but also develop the finished products for food and cosmetics using the extract. And we always inspect the quality of completed product for the safety and quality control.

The inspection items

A. Protein content B. Crude protein content
C. Potential hydrogen (PH) D. The number of general viable bacteria
E. The number of Escherichia coli (E. coli) F. Water content
G. The specific gravity H. The viscosity index
I. The grain size

The equipment for product development and inspection

Rotary Evaporator Rotary Evaporator

protein analyzer Protein Analyzer
analytic data Analytic Data

spectrophotometer Spectrophotometer

High-Speed Centrifuge High-Speed Centrifuge

Inspection Machine for Amino acid Inspection Machine for Amino Acid

Granulometer Granulometer

Powder Folder Powder Folder

Freeze Drye Freeze Drye

Clean Bench Clean Bench
Microscope Microscope
High-speed steam sterilizationHigh-Speed Steam Sterilization

The result report of analytical test

In addition to the internal investigation, we ask a third party organization to inspect our products and release the result.

The result report of analytical test (by Japan Food Research Laboratories)

Analytical Test Report Analytical Test Report
analytical_report2 Analytical Test Report2