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The manufacturing process of Placenta extract

The manufacturing process of Placenta extract

1.The frozen placentas are conveyed from contract ranchers in each country to Saitama factory.

world importing mapimporting countries
Freezer Car freezer car

2.Selecting and Washing Placenta

Defrosting the frozen placentas and inspecting, selecting and washing them by hand. It is very important process as the first step before manufacturing good-quality placenta extract. And then putting them into the special whasher to remove various germs.

3. Resolving Protein of Placenta by the Hydrolysis equipment

Water and some proteolysis enzymes in the Hydrolysis equipment resolve protein of placenta into amino acids by heating. The Hydrolysis equipment has the special devices that radiate vibrational energy (those are developed by our company), and they improve the function of those enzymes. Thereby the destruction efficiency of protein is also improved, then the unique smell of placenta can be reduced because the heating time shortens.

(Please check the page “Charites PHH System” for details.)

03_de_protein_cosme for cosmetics
03_de_protein_food for foods

4.The filtration process

The filtering machine removes impurities by a 50μm filter, and passes the fluid to a 15 μm filter one more time to improve the purity.
Filtration equipment for clarifyingFiltration equipment for clarifying

5.The aging process

Removing impurities from Placenta extract with repetition of freezing and defrosting. After defrosting, dipping up the upper undiluted solution of placenta extract to make high purity.

Freezer MeterFreezer meter
The inside of FreezerThe inside of freezer

6.The heat sterilization

Conducting heat sterilization, Placenta extract for food of the first stage is completed.

7. High-pressure extraction

For cosmetics materials, putting Placenta extract in the ultra high-pressure machine to make higher purity. In that machine, Placenta extract impacts each other at relative velocity of Mach 4 obliquely with high-pressure of 245MPa, so Placenta extract can be atomized much more and taken the smell off. The atomization of Placenta extract makes that extract smooth (not sticky) and enable to use it as high concentrations for various products.

(Please check the page “Charites PHH System” for details.)

Ultra High-pressure MachineUltra High-pressure Machine 1
Ultra High-pressure MachineUltra high-pressure machine 2
Ultra High-pressure MachineUltra high-pressure machine 3

8.The filtration process

Passing Placenta extract to a 0.22 μm filter yet once more.

Then placenta extract for cosmetics is completed.

placenta extractPlacenta extract

9.High-pressure processing

Pressuring Placenta extract with high-pressure of 100MPa. This processing produces the following effect;

  • The atomization of Placenta extract
  • The aging of Placenta extract
  • The sterilization

(Please check the page “Charites PHH System” for details.)

10.Completing high-concentrated Placenta extract