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Charites PHH system

Charites PHH system

PHH system

Charites Japan established the unique manufacturing technology called “Charites PHH system” for producing Placenta extract.

The greatest feature is high performance of atomization, smell reduction, sterilization and aging, that is why our material and products for food or cosmetics are acclaimed.

Protein decomposition

The improvement of proteolytic efficiency and the reduction of placenta smell.

Resolving the raw-materal “Placenta” into Placenta extract by the Hydrolysis equipment (for food or cosmetic). This is the process that resolves proteins (that is the main ingredient of placenta) into amino acids. It is very important process for manufacturing good-quality placenta extract.

The Hydrolysis equipment has our unique devices that radiate vibrational energy. Those devices stimulate proteolysis enzymes and shorten the heating time, so there are fewer residues. In other words, it is possible to produce placenta extract that contains more nutrition from placentas. And the short heating time reduces the unique smell basically (According to internal comparison whether the Hydrolysis equipment has those devices).

Hydrolysis equipment_01 Hydrolysis equipment for cosmetic

de_protein_food_01Hydrolysis equipment for food

High-pressure extraction

The realization of micronizing the particles of placenta.

Placenta extract atomizes through oblique impact at relative velocity of Mach 4 under the conditions of the 245MPa high-pressure by the Ultra high-pressure machine. The atomized placenta extract extends utility for productization remarkably even if it remains little smell and smooth touch.

ultra high-pressure machineHigh-pressure extraction machine


High-pressure Aging

Sterilizing and aging by the 100MPa High-pressure machine.

This is the system that pressure placenta essence extracted by Ultra high-pressure with the high-pressure machine. This machine can press the pressure as high as water pressure of Mariana Trench that is the deepest part (depth of 10,000m) of the ocean. Pressing that in the machine in 24 hours is the same effect as natural aging of it under normal atomospheric pressure in 3 years. Therefore this short time of aging in 24 hours can preserve the freshness and prevent the microbial increase.

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high-pressure machine high-pressure machine

high-pressure machine high-pressure machine

Processing placenta extract with high-pressure produces the following effect;

●The aging of raw-material “Placenta”
Pressing at 100MPa in 24 hours is as quality as natural aging in 3 years
●The preventing the deterioration of raw-materials
High-pressure prevents the growth or increase of microorganism as keeping fresh. So it is hard to corrode.
●The micronization of Placenta grain
Pressing makes the normal Placenta grain smaller and after that the grain is returned to its original size. This feature makes cosmetics change its texture or feeling of touch dramatically.
manufacturing method
high-pressure processing