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High-pressure processing

High-Pressure Processing

About High pressure

Normal atmospheric pressure in our environment is about 1000hPa(0.1MPa). “High-pressure” means a pressure more than 1000hPa(0.1MPa), and it is confirmed that the high pressure makes matters change themselves variously by the research till today. If you actually try to press more than 100MPa, the change of matters appears remarkably. (100MPa is the same pressure of Mariana Trench that is the deepest part of ocean.)

The higher pressures such as 100MPa, 400MPa, 600MPa is applied, the more changes that would not normally occur of matters appear.

About High pressureHigh pressures’ world

The high-pressure technology produced “Synthetic diamond” as a significant impact on the global industrial world.

Charites Japan processes the products made in the captive factory with high-pressure for high quality.

Synthetic diamond

What if it is processed by high pressure?

Normally water turn into ice when the temperature is 0℃. In the meanwhile, ice poly-crystal is born in the water when heated water is pressed at 1500MPa. Moreover pressing the water under pressure of 2300MPa, even boiling water become ice. Also, even ice at the temperature of -20℃ below turn into water under the pressure of 200MPa.