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“High-pressure processing” replacing Heat

“High-pressure processing” replacing Heat

In the modern society that tends to think health is important, processed or prepared foods are required that it should be high quality and high nutritious with minimum processing, excellent storage stability and without additives. Humankind have been making use of “fire” for cooking foods since more than a million years ago. But although the method of cooking foods by heat is excellent at the aspects of hygiene and preserving, the foods lose freshness, flavor and nutrition inherent in itself.

High-pressure processing is the next-generation method of processing foods

High-pressure processing can make protein or starch change their characters, and preserve their components, flavor, color and freshness because chemical bond has no formation nor cleavage. And the processing inactivates E. coli, salmonella and staphylococcus, so can produce highly functional food that heat cannot do.