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Non-heat sterilization by high-pressure processing

Non-heat sterilization by high-pressure process

Ultra high-pressure of foods makes germs, virus and so on devastating. And those foods increases flavor, mouth feel and nutrition because of the reduction of enzyme activity. It can be said that this method overturned the conventional method of cooking epochaly in humankind history.


The sterilization of the livestock’s internal organs  by using high pressure

Here is a specific verification result: after E. coli, salmonella and golden staph were planted into beef liver, the liver was applied each pressure and then measured the survival number of them in it. In the case of 105~107CFU/g of germs, E. coli and salmonella could not be detected any more in 90 minutes (by 300MPa), 60 minutes (by 400MPa) or 30 minutes (by 500MPa), and golden staph in 30 minutes (by 600MPa).