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ODM,OEM guide

ODM,OEM guide

We provide placenta extract on food and cosmetics product for ODM and OEM.

Placenta extract is well-known in the industry for competitive value in food and cosmetic markets.
As a provider, we are striving to enhance our products through research and development for your needs and satisfaction.
for OEM or ODM supply chain, each designed product can be named individually to your own brand or arrange according to your original prescription.
Please let us know your request and we will correspond accordingly.

OEM,ODM type

Cosmetics with a placenta extract

We accept OEM for cosmetics using the placenta extract.

    The kind of cosmetics
  • Essence
  • Cream
  • Skin lotion
  • Milk lotion
  • Soap
  • Oral cosmetics
  • Sunblock cream
  • Facial mask

If you wish to use placenta extract other than cosmetics products mentioned above, please consult us.

Food with a placenta extract

We accept OEM production for food using the placenta extract.

    Kinds of food
  • Capsule
  • Soft capsule
  • Drink
  • Liquid and paste
  • Others

If you wish to use placenta extract other than food products mentioned above, please consult us.

OEM、ODM information guide

1.Questions about OEM and ODM
Fill out the inquiry form or call us and the person in charge will contact you.
We will ask for your opinion about the imaged product and may propose some suggestions for the details.
“Own brand product with a small lot and low budget.”
“Produce a product that matches your own concept.”
“Blending placenta extract to a new raw material.”
“Making a new original product without image in details.”
3.Prescription and specification
Considering the knowledge and experience of our company, we will agree with the customers concept and proposal with clear standard plan.
We will also provide suggestions regarding the featured ingredients,
package design,containers and packaging material according to the budget.
4.Submition of samples and prescription decision
Trial production ,we will make improvements until the customer is satisfied.
confirmation of product stability,patch test and antiseptic effect test.
trial production is free of charge.
5.Formula,estimate presentation and commercial decision.
After prescription,specification and quantity has been decided, we will present our final quote.
6.Test,legal application and agreement.
After our final formulation test and confirm stability, we will trade a commitment note and start the legal procedure to begin the production.
Finished product will be inspected and deliver.

Result of OEM,ODM product

Cosmetics product
Skin care products: skin lotion,gel,cream,milk lotion,essence,oil,
Washing cosmetics: soap,liquid soap,cleansing,body soap,facial wash
Hair care products: shampoo with conditioner, shampoo for pets(with conditioner)treatment, hair lotion, hair essence and hair restore UV cream
Food and suppliments product: capsule, jelly, drinks….and more.