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Odorless placenta extract implementation

Odorless placenta extract implementation

Using our high quality technology and full effort of our team.. Charites Japan has finally found an amazing method to eracidate the natural smell of placenta.
with this success, it is now possible to blend our placenta extract to a much more variety of food and cosmetic products desired.

What is placenta odor

Charites Japan has been working on manufacturing a horse placenta extract up to the highest concentration with a lesser scent of placenta’s natural odor.
Considering the standards of our high quality products ,we have been performing original techniques and actual process to produce a satisfying result with our daily research and test.

Placenta odor has always been the main issue in horse placenta production.. we have done countless analization to figure out the basic ingredients that causes the smell and its component..
after long term of study and research , we have found 4 different types of components that is causing the odor in the placenta.

In japan, Law no.91 has been enacted from the Offensive Odor Control Law since june 1st 1971 , they announced the specific 22 different componets that causes bad odor. several kind of this ingredients was found in horse placenta extract and confirmed the source of horse placenta extract odor.

・ Specific odor components

amonia, methyl mercaptan, hydrogen sulfide, dimethyl sulfide, Methyl disulfide, Trimethylaminuria, acetaldehyde, propionaldehyde, normal Butaldehyde, isobutyraldehyde, normal valeraldehyde, Isovaleraldehyde, Isobutanol, ethyl acetate, methyl isobutyl ketone, toluene, styrene, xylene, propionic acid, normal butyric acid, normal valeric acid, Isovaleric acid.

After almost 20 years of reseach.. we finally found and amazing method to eliminate the natural odor of horse placenta extract. using our original techniques and enovative divices.. we have succeded in producing the odorless highly concentrated horse placenta extract.

For bussiness use and traders…we are giving free samples of odorless placenta extract to those who are interested..
please inquire ….
for traders ouside japan.. some countries doesnt allow liquid form inside the package, please check your country’s import control system..

Odorless placenta extract implementation