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Partner Factory

Partner Factory(the Republic of Korea)

Manufacture equipment

Agi Homo Mixer(500㎏・200㎏ fixed)- Agi Mixer(480㎏・400㎏ movable)

Filling systems
Agi Homo Mixer
Agi Homo Mixer

Filling packing line

3 line system – 1st level clean room – Filling system for skin care and cosmetic make-ups

Filling packing line
Filling packing line
Filling packing line

Filling systems

充填機Twin-engined liquid filling machine

Filling type: liquid sample / volume: 5ml- 30m

Filling systemsFilling system model SD-F3

Filling type: emulsion cream, essence, shampoo, rinse / volume: 20ml- 1,000ml

Filling systemsLiquid filling machine

Filling type: toner type / volume: 20 ml – 250 ml

Filling systemsSmall quantity filling system

Filling type: make-up type / volume: 0.5 ml – 15 ml

Filling systemsTube filling and sealing system

Filling type: cream type / volume: 50 ml- 250 ml

Filling systemsFilling machine for cream type

Filling type: cream type / volume: 10ml- 70ml

Research and Development Center

r-d room
r-d room
r-d room

Facility for clean room/ Air shower

1st , 2nd level feeder for manufacturing and filling systems

the entrance of clean room
clean room

Air-conditioning and Dust free system

Air-conditioning systemHeating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
Air-conditioning systemDust filter
Air-conditioning systemAssembly line entrance
Air-conditioning systemAir-conditioning Controller
Air-conditioning systemDelivery Facilities for raw materials
Air-conditioning systemClean room
Air-conditioning systemAir shower/ Filling room