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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Charites Japan Inc.(hereinafter referred to as “Charites Japan” or “We”) places the protection of personal information as a important social responsibility, and has set the following privacy policy.

The Collection, Use, and Management of Personal Information

Charites Japan will only collect personal information within a required range to obtain the purpose of use of personal information, and we will explain why we use it and how it will be used in detail as possible.

Charites Japan takes steps to establish the safe management such as protecting the personal information from disclosure, the loss, damage and unlawful access.

The provision of Personal Information to a third party

Charites Japan will not provide a third party without your consent except in the following cases;

  • the case based on the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations.
  • the case it is necessary for saving lives, body or property of the people and it is otherwise difficult to obtain your consent.
  • the case it is necessary for improvement of public health or promotion of sound growth of children especially, and it is otherwise difficult to obtain your consent.
  • the case it is necessary for cooperating with national organs or a local government in pursuing their public duties, and it is feared that obtaining consent of the individual concerned may impede the execution of such duties.

Compliance and our initiatives

Charites Japan will comply with relevant personal information laws and regulations.
We set internal regulations the personal information protection and conduct the necessary and appropriate supervision of the employees.
Charites Japan will continue to update and improve the internal regulations and management regarding personal information protection in accordance with amendments of the law, change in the environment and the results of the internal audits.

Inquiries concerning the handling of personal information

Charites Japan handle with the procedure of the request to disclose, amend,terminate the use of, and delete appropriately and timely in accordance with Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

If you suspect that we may not observe this policy, please contact the following Company’s inquiry office.

Charites Japan Inc.
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TEL +81-03-5638-8852
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