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It is a handmade soap made of boiled rare horse oil and the placenta extract which is contained at 20% luxuriously without water. The scent of soap is made from high-concentrated placenta and vanilla beans. As natural aging progresses, the soap changes its shape because of boiling handmade soap in a caldron.
It is antiseptic-free and no antibacterial.

The product name: THE・SOAP

The size: 90g
Suggested retail price: 4,200yen excluding tax

How to use:

Use after makeup removers. Lather the soap with aerating and soaking a foaming net in water. When creamy suds is done, massage your whole face with lather gently. Wash away with tepid or water.


Horse Oil (especially taking from the base of horse mane) – Horse placenta extract – Ethanol – Sucrose – Hydrogenated Palm Oil – Glycerin – Sodium Hydroxide – Vanilla Beans – Vanilla extract – Trehalose – Sodium chloride

Store Method:

While it’s unopened products, keep it in a cool and dark place avoiding high temperature and high humidity.
After opening, keep it in well-drained and cool place. In the case of using a bathroom as a drying room, please move it into cool place.


Stop using if the ingredients cause skin irritation.
Be careful not to put them in the eyes.

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